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Wiccan Ways

School for Witches / Wiccan Ways

Who do you think you were?

Have you ever considered the incredible opportunity to explore a past life where you were a witch. A life where you practiced magick or had enhanced healing abilities or other incredible skills. Exploring and understanding these gifts could really heighten your relationship to magick and the craft. A Past Life Regression session costs £110 for a 1.5 to 2 hour session, and an audio recording of the session is also included. These sessions can be run via Zoom from any where in the world. A Past Life Experience is the physical act of taking a client back to revisit their past lives through the use of hypnotherapy.  In a Past Life Experience, the spirit realms are experienced in the “eternal now”.   This is an altered state of awareness where...


Witch Crafting Days

Many witch crafting days are run throughout the year. Some of these days are themed around Sabbats, and some are just a gathering of like minded people coming together to work on magickal crafting projects in a friendly group. Customised events can always be planned and arranged for independent groups of 6 - 10 people. Please contact to discuss further. Sabbats Imbolc (Midwinter) - Celebrated on or near 2 February. Imbolc celebrates Life and Birth. The birth of new ideas, inspiration and hope. A time to remove blocks to achieve your full spiritual potential. Imbolc is a potent time to focus on Purification, Initiation and Dedication. Ostara (Spring Equinox) - Celebrated on or near 19 - 22 March. At Ostara, Day and Night are equal length. Ostara celebrates trying to...


Psychic Development Training

Wicca and Witchcraft honour and support tuning in and adding psychic abilities to enhance any magick worked. Come along to these fun interactive classes held via Zoom once a month to broaden and develop your psychic skills. Are you interested in honing your psychic abilities? Do you experience things that you struggle to explain? Are you able to see and feel things that others don’t? Do you have overwhelming knowing's but don’t know where they come from? Come along and join in these great fun classes that run via zoom once a month zoom from the comfort of your own home. A broad range of topics are covered, ranging from: Guided Meditation Breathing techniques Psychometry and Tuning in to Energy Exploring the Clair’s Aura work Spirit, Power and Totem animals Past Lives Alien Experiences Channelling Zenner Cards Divination Techniques and much more All...


Talking & Development Group

The Witchy Talking and Development Group focuses in detail on many of the topics covered in the Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 training manuals. This group includes practical crafting exercises along with talking through Wicca's philosophies and magickal workings and some psychic exercises. Are you interested in increasing your Wiccan Knowledge and abilities? Are you a Solitary Witch looking for a group of like minded people to work with? Do you want to learn how to put all of your knowledge into practical applications? Do you want to channel your Wiccan knowledge into making wonderful witchy practical products and magickal items? Would you like to sharpen and hone your skills? A broad range of topics are covered, ranging from: Protection Deities Sigils Divination Techniques Moon Phases Sabbats and Esbats Witch-Crafting exercises Tea Leaf Reading Using a...


Spiritual Sampler Events

Spiritual Sampler Events can be run in the comfort of your own home or from my training room with a group of friends. Events usually last for 3-4 hours and include several fun activities that can be done in a group environment. A minimum of 10 people is required but there is no limit on how many can attend (will depend on the size of the room).  Each person will need to bring a photo (doesn’t have to be of themselves) and a small item, something of personal value and importance. £15 per person. Please note that start and finish times are flexible and can be arranged to suit, times listed below are as an example only. So, What do Spiritual Sampler Events Include? Penny Psychic Exercises This...


Candle Magick Events

Candle Magick Events are run from my therapy room. All products and tools are supplied along with all of the information needed to start exploring the power of candle magick. £35 per person. A minimum of 6 people is required. What is Candle Magick? Candle magick is one of the least complicated forms of magick that you can do.  There are many advantages of using candle magick, it’s simple, it’s cheap, it can be quick to set up and enact and it’s effective. Candle Magick offers several different magickal modalities within each candle. Candle magick harnesses the power of the colour of the candle, the scent of the candle, and the candle’s shape, size and composition. Candle Magick works with an individual’s will, purpose, intent, desire, and ethical and moral...


Curse Removal Kit

The Curse Removal Kit is designed to help you to remove negative energies to people, places and objects. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and Physical products to help you to remove the negative energy. ...


Protection Protocols Kit

The Protection Protocol Kit is designed to help you to create a layer of protection for people, places and objects. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and physical products to help you to raise protective energy. ...


Energy Management Kit

The Energy Management Kit is designed to help you to work on and manage your energy. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and physical products to help you to heal and balance your energy. ...