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Witchy Part 3

School for Witches / Witchy Part 3

Witchy Part 3 adds even further layers of information to your growing knowledge base by introducing other principles that are also included in the practice of magick. This module takes a deep dive into Divining and there is time set aside in this module to practice your Divining skills using mediums such as scrying that will offer you the opportunity to use many different tools from crystal balls, black and silver scrying mirrors, bowls and candle flames so that you get a feel for how to scry and which tools will give you the best results. You will explore candle magick, how simple and effective it is and you will have the opportunity to set up a candle to use in your first candle ritual at home.


Course Information

This module continues adding layers as it explores the concept of spell bags, divination through scrying, psychic abilities, energy work, meditation, oils, candle magick and numerology. It offers a lovely deep dive into guided meditation with four deeply explorative meditation tracks that you can listen to these tracks as many times as you like. Topics explored range from working with and exploring different forms of protection,  creating and exploring sacred or safe space, meeting your spirit guide and the group favourite accessing a past life of highest potential.

The online course comprises 34 movies which run in line with the course manual. You can read along with the information or play it like an audiobook, the choice is yours. The ‘Table of Contents’ taken from Witchy Part 3 has been added below so that you can see exactly what this module includes. Click on Witchy Part 3 – Overview below for a detailed guide of what is included.


Witchy Part 3 – Overview


All of the Modules offered by the School for Witches, Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been accredited by the (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. On completion of all 5 modules, you will be presented with a Certificate in – ‘Wicca Philosophies and Practices for Beginners’

Students are also welcome to practice what they have learned at the Witchtacula events which will be held twice a year.  Please see the Witchtacula tab under Training – Face-to-Face for further information.


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In-Person Training – £ 200.00 per person per part. By booking your in-person place and paying the fee, you are agreeing to the payment terms and conditions set out here.

School for Witches training is now not just limited to in-person training, but can also be accessed as online training. The same fantastic content is done in the comfort of your own home.