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Witchy – Part 5

Witchy Part 5 is all about making ritual products that you can use for preparing your body and environment for any ritual that you perform. These products will really help to take you from the everyday mundane to the magickal and help you to get into the right frame of mind for working a ritual by not only cleansing your space but your mind and your body too. You will be given a goodie bag of products that you will be able to take home with you and use to aid your magickal workings.  This is a really fun and hands-on module that will help to give you important learnings that you will use for years to come.

The Course

Course Information

Table of Contents – Witchy Part 5

Ritual Bathing

Ritual soap, Liquid soap, Bar or cake soap. Bath salts, Bath bombs, Bath sachets, Bath oils

Incense, Powders, Sachets and Herb Charms

Incense, Combustible Incense, Non-combustible Incense


Herbs and their star sign and planetary associations. Herbs and their elemental associations

Magickal powders, Sachets and herb charms, Eggs and egg shells

Incorporating animal energy into rituals

Magickal inks

Lamp black ink, Beet ink, Berry ink. How to use magickal inks

Tinctures and Ointments

What can I use my tincture for? Best herbs for tinctures. Ointments

Hair care and skincare

Hair care, Skincare. List of oils and their properties. What oils can be blended together to create/enhance

Brews and Potions

Teapots, Tea Balls.

Fresh Zinger Tea, Increase psychic ability tea, Sleepy time tea, Witchy love honey

Tea leaf reading. What tea is best to use?

What equipment is best to use? What is the tea making process? What is the tea pouring and teacup process?

What is the tea leaf reading process? How do I read the leaves in the cup?


Gem Infusions. Gem and Crystal Water. Direct Method. Indirect Method

Gem Elixirs or Crystal Essences. Cleansing and Re-Programming your Crystals

Opening and Protecting – Products and tips that can assist

Aura-Soma. Room Sprays. Incense and smudge sticks

Energetic Cleanse. Closing down, Grounding & Awakening

Checking for blockages. Removing and easing the intensity of blockages. Checking space, place or object for intrusive energy

Pendulums (Dowsers).

History of the Pendulum. How to use a pendulum. Setting up the YES and NO response

What can a pendulum be used for? What can pendulums be made of?

What kinds of questions can you ask? When is it not appropriate to use a pendulum?

Getting answers from your pendulum


Learning Styles / channels

Learning Chanel. Learning Chanel Indicator Sheet. Conscious vs. Subconscious

Test your knowledge


Bibliography & Reference Links

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