Witchy 105

Witchy 105 is all about making ritual products that you can use for preparing your body and environment for any ritual that you perform. These products will really help to take you from the everyday mundane to the magickal and help you to get into the right frame of mind for working a ritual by not only cleansing your space but your mind and your body too. You will be given a goodie bag of products that you will be able to take home with you and use to aid your magickal workings.  This is a really fun and hands-on module that will help to give you important learnings that you will use for years to come.

The Course

Course Information

Working with herbs to make products that you can use both in ritual and to prepare for a ritual.
Experience first-hand the 90 herbs available at the workshop.
Ritual bathing including hair, body and skin care products.
Make your own Incense and understand the power of incense in ritual magick.
You will be able to burn the Magickal Powders you make after learning how they can be used.
Making Magickal Sachets and learning how they can be used.
Magickal Ink – Make 2 types of ink that you can use to write spells and plan for a ritual.
Understand and create a Tincture.
Make a beeswax love Ointment that you can use pre-ritual as an anointer.
Room sprays – Mood and room balancing sprays that you can create for yourself.
Brews and Potions.
Teapots and what sort of pot to use when.
Gem Waters, Infusions and Elixirs

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Curse Removal and Protection

School for Witches also provides Curse Removal Sessions.  These can be done over skype and are a great way to talk through and ascertain if a curse has been cast.  A removal manual along with all of the tools required are provided as part of this session.  45-minute skype consultation along with manual and products £60.00. Please contact us to arrange a session.

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School for witches training is now not just limited to in-person training, but can also be accessed as on-line training. Same fantastic content done in the comfort of your own home.

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