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Witchy – Part 2

The journey continues in Witchy Part 2 by adding more and more layers of witchy information. This module focuses on the basics of magick and creating magickal space which is dedicated, cleansed, charged and consecrated, ready for ritual use. Included in this module is wonderful guidance on how to start preparing your space, tools and altars in order to perform rituals. The fundamental laws of magick are explored offering you a unique opportunity to determine what magick means to you and how you may wish to work magickally going forward.

The Course

Course Information

This module will also give you the opportunity to meet with your spirit guide, accessed via guided meditation. This is an extraordinary experience and can really help each individual to enhance their magickal and energetic connection to the spirit world to allow magick to be even more apparent in their current life. Great themes are explored in this module, all of which have been layered on to help you grow and develop your craft.

The online training comprises 42 movies which work through most aspects of the manual.

Table of Contents – Witchy Part 2

What is Magick?
Prayer vs. Magick

Four basic laws of Magick
1 – The universe abounds with energy
2 – Everything in the universe is connected
3 – The possibilities are endless
4 – Follow your own path – Take a journey into the unknown

Magickal Attitude
Black Magick
Magickal Clothing

Types of Magick
Knot Magick
Knot Magick Spell
Releasing the knots
Knot Magick
Glamour Magick
Kitchen Magick
A quick way to cool anger
Recipes that enhance

Weather Magick
Whistling up a wind
Weather dispersing and binding techniques
Dispersing weather
Binding weather

Colours and their meanings
Black, Red, Brown, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Purple, White
Colour quick reference guide
How can you use colour in your magickal workings?

Amulets, Charms, Inscriptions, Talismans & Sigil’s
Sigils used in Elemental ways
Sigils can also be incorporated into everyday life in many different ways

The Witches Pyramid – The maxims
To Know
To Will
To Dare
To Keep Silent
To Go

Purifying Yourself & Magickal Attire
Cleansing, Charging & Consecrating Tools
Handling, Storing & Arranging Tools

What to include on your altar?
Choosing an Altar

Designating and Creating Sacred/Ritual Space
Dedicating Sacred Space for Ritual
Casting a Circle
How to cleanse your space prior to casting a circle
Calling / welcoming the Quarters / Elements
Releasing / Fare-welling the Quarters / Elements
Taking down a circle
Flow Chart

Invoking – Summoning Deities and Other Entities
Guardians of the Watchtowers
Tree Spirits
Spirit Guides
Meeting your Spirit Guide
Spirit Animals and Power Animals
A-Z Spirit Animals

Test your knowledge
Bibliography & Reference Links
Knot Handout

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Curse Removal and Protection

School for Witches also provides Curse Removal Sessions.  These can be done over skype and are a great way to talk through and ascertain if a curse has been cast.  A removal manual along with all of the tools required are provided as part of this session.  45-minute skype consultation along with manual and products £60.00. Please contact us to arrange a session.

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