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School for Witches / Witchtacula’s

Witchtacula Weekend – Be your most magickal self 

Starts:       TBC

Ends:         TBC

Where:      TBC


The Witchtacula weekends are amazing experiential events that are designed for individuals who have completed Witchy Part, either in person or online.

These weekends are when solitary witches/Wiccans can use all of the knowledge that they have gathered in the Witchy modules and their own personal study to unite with other solitary witches/Wiccans and to practice together in a group, in a safe and fun environment.

The most common feedback that I hear from students when working through the Witchy modules is that Wicca and its philosophies make them feel like they are coming home, that they are not learning, just remembering. I remember when I was learning, it took me a long time until I felt really confident to organise and participate in a full ritual by myself. I never had the opportunity to work with other wonderfully like-minded people to perform rituals with others outside of my training, and due to this, this is how the Witchtacula’s were born.

The Witchtacula Weekend is all about bringing individuals together to work in unison, to unite, to perform magick for the greater good, and to manifest energy to help heal the planet and ourselves in the process.


The first Witchtacula was held in November 2019, some participant feedback is below:

I had a phenomenal weekend at the recent Witchtacula, not only was the retreat centre and food amazing, I also loved the fact that we concreted our leanings from the School of Witches modules by putting it into practical use, via various spells and a powerful ritual on the Saturday night. The weekend also incorporated Past Life Regressions, sounding, gong bath and other energy work which I loved and complimented everything that we were doing. Trace, Tasha and Susie held the space beautifully for us to go deep into our journeys to embrace our magickal selves. The biggest blessing for me was being amongst like minded and beautiful souls, to feel the sisterhood (although men are welcome too) where we cried, laughed and shifted lots together. I wholeheartedly recommend the Witchtacula Retreats for anyone wishing to step into their witchy selves and who would like to join an amazing community of people committed to bringing more magick into their daily lives. Alanah Larielle


This weekend is designed to help you to:

See how all of the training comes together, practically and experientially.

Explore how simple and beautiful working magick is.

Understand that ritual works with your intention and desire.

Perhaps it may even challenge you to include more magick in your life.

The opportunity to experience the power of group ritual. When likeminded people gather together the energy and power manifested is just incredible.

The Witchtacula is an action-packed 2.5 days, a fully immersive and experiential weekend culminating in an outdoor ritual around a bonfire.

This will be an experience that you will remember forever.


The Witchtacula will include:

Planning and preparing for ritual and then performing a ritual

Working as part of a group to plan for magickal success

Spell writing and spell casting

Setting up ritual space, clearing the land in preparation for ritual

Consecrating and blessing the tools that will be used

And much more