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School for Witches / Tea Leaf Reading
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Tea Leaf Reading


Zoom invite will be sent on the day of the workshop.
PDF session notes are attached.



Tutor led – 2 hour workshop run via Zoom.

Do you fancy learning how to read tea leaves?

This is a great fun 2-hour workshop that will help you to better understand how tea leaves are read.

The divination process of reading tea leaves, is where we interpret the patterns that the leaves form in a tea cup. This process is called Tasseography or Tasseomancy. Tea leaf reading is an ancient divination method that seems to be growing in popularity among pagan and holistic communities and is often a skill that is taught and passed down through families over generations. So, gather your tea leaves, pot and cup and join us via zoom for a fun interactive divination session.

Your PDF session notes have been attached to your purchase, and a zoom invite will be sent the day of the workshop.

You will need a teapot (without a strainer), cup and saucer, along with loose leaf tea (preferably with no flowers, peel or petals) black tea is best.

A ‘Whats-app’ Tea Leaf Reading group has been set up and will be accessed as part of the session to offer attendees the opportunity to read others leaves. Your details will be added to the group on the day.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.




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