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Witchcraft has been practiced for centuries and is one of the oldest religions, yet even in these modern times so much mystery still seems to surround its philosophies and practices.  School for Witches runs face-to-face, and online training, along with various other events that set out to demystify Wicca and Witchcraft. The School for Witches courses explore Wicca, the modern term for Witchcraft in its entirety, starting with the basic major principles and teachings and layering from there.  The workshops combine a mixture of talks, meditations, and visualizations with the opportunity to touch and experience first-hand many of the tools used in a Wiccan ritual.


Take the time to cleanse and clear your energy when working with magick or spiritual pursuits.


Once your energy is free and clear, ensure that you are grounded, rooted into your body, heart and life.


Balance your energy, body, vibration and frequency. Look to your Chakras and adjust as necessary.


Ensure that you are adequately protected and strong at all times whilst working with energy, magick and spirit.

Master the Basics

Strengthen your core understanding of the fundamental basics of Wicca.

Embrace Nature

Nature is the ultimate healer. Are you using all that nature has to offer in your magickal workings? Get your body outside and thrive.

Self Love

If you are not feeling sparkly and polished like you usually do, take time to nurture and sooth yourself. Self love is so important.

Be Present

A bell is rung in ritual to call in the elements. What energy are you calling into your life. Be present and grateful for all that you have.

Embracing your inner Witch

What can you do to feel more magickal?

The Wiccan Rede

The Rule of Three

Scared Symbols

Explore the Deities.

Guided Meditation Practices

Honour Thyself and Self Care

What does the Wiccan Rede mean to you?

'An it harm none, do as thou wilt'

How will the type of magick that you work define you?

What will be your motto or witchy Mission Statement?

How will you honour your beliefs?

How will you grow and challenge your beliefs?

What role will Wicca play in your life?

How will you include magick in your everyday activities?

The Rule of Three

The three fold law.

Many witches choose to abide by this rule, which is adopted as a personal choice.

It infers that all energy put out into the world is returned to that person three times.

This includes our words, actions and thoughts and interpreted loosely is witchy karma.

Not all Wiccans, Witches, Pagans or Occultists believe in or abide by this law.

This rule/law is about cause and effect, and helps practitioners to act respectfully.

When we raise energy there is a reaction, a shift or movement created somewhere else.

Sacred Symbols

Symbols, Sigils, and shapes have immense power and energy.

Familiarise yourself with the most common Wiccan Symbols to strengthen your magick.

They can be used in so many wonderful ways to enhance your magick.

As ornaments and decorations around your home or altar space.

As jewellery and tattoos.

Etched into candles and drawn onto Wiccan tools.

As symbols of protection, anchors for meditation and talismans and amulets.

Gender Equality

Balance in all things. Nature is nurtured with a respectful attitude.

Wicca honours both God and Goddess energy. An equal blend of masculine and feminine vitality.

The God and the Goddess are absolute equals, in complete balance, yin and yang, night and day.

Wiccans accept the light and dark aspects of the God and Goddess as there is duality in all things.

Call upon the God and Goddess in rituals to amplify and bless magickal workings.

Wiccans work with the deities, they don’t bow down to them, nor are they ruled by them.

Witchcraft actively acknowledges a psychic dimension to our existence.

Honour Thyself

Keep your energy in good order, your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Take time to not only honour the God and Goddess, but also yourself.

What we think about we bring about. Be in a good headspace when performing rituals.

We need to be ready whole and at peace to work strong magick.

When we are in the right space to work magick it becomes a truly healing experience.

Ritual takes the mundane and makes it magickal. Prepare your energy to receive the blessings.

Do the hard work on yourself first before asking magick to step in and assist.

Wiccan Ways

Are you looking for wonderful ways of adding more Witchy energy into your life.

Exploring a Witchy Past Life

Who do you think you were? Having the incredible opportunity to explore a past life where you were a witch or practiced magick or enhanced healing abilities in some way could really heighten your understanding of the craft.

Witch Crafting Days

Many witch crafting days are run throughout the year. Some of these days are themed around Sabats, and some are just a gathering of like minded people coming together to work on magickal crafting projects in a friendly group.

Psychic Development Training

Wicca and Witchcraft honour and support tuning in and adding psychic abilities to enhance any magick worked. Come along to these fun interactive classes held via Zoom once a month to broaden and develop your psychic skills.

Witchy Talking Group

The Witchy talking group is an online group that meets once a month via Zoom. It is a 2 hour chat group led by attendees where we talk about all things Witchy, Spiritual and Magickal. A fun and interactive group.

Spiritual Sampler Events

Spiritual Sampler Events can be run in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends. Events usually last for 3-4 hours and include several fun activities that can be done in a group environment.

Candle Magick Events

Candle Magick Events can be run in the comfort of your own home or from my therapy room. All products and tools are supplied along with all of the information needed to start exploring the power of candle magick.

Curse Removal Kit

The Curse Removal Kit is designed to help you to remove negative energies to people, places and objects. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and Physical products to help you to remove the negative energy.

Protection Protocols Kit

The Protection Protocol Kit is designed to help you to create a layer of protection for people, places and objects. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and physical products to help you to raise protective energy.

Energy Management Kit

The Energy Management Kit is designed to help you to work on and manage your energy. It includes Digital Handouts, Videos and physical products to help you to heal and balance your energy.

Happy Customers

Trace invited me to go on a Wicca course and in truth, I had never thought of it before. I knew vaguely of Wicca, promoted by Gerald Gardener in the nineteen fifties and that it was witchcraft by another name. I read his book “History of Witchcraft” where he proposed that Wicca was only performed for the greatest good. So I decided to attend, the people I met were very spiritual and we were guided through the casting of a circle, calling in the elements to assist in performing rituals. I found this fascinating. An excellent course to experience even if you don’t go on to fully embrace Wicca.

Dave - Manchester

I attended the Witchy 101 with Tracey and it definitely is one of the most memorable courses I have done. The effort that Tracey goes to with the manual is incredible there is so much information. Writing the poems for the elements in calling them into the ceremony and then afterward releasing them was incredibly powerful. I was amazed that I could find such depth in describing the ‘Water’ element I had chosen – ‘I surprised myself’! The ceremony we did on the last workshop was truly beautiful and to be honest all three workshops just flew by. Just wished Tracey lived a bit closer to me so I could do more ceremonies with her. If Tracey decides to do any more workshops I won’t even hesitate to book. It has been an incredible journey.

Sally P – Wales

If you want to know more about Wicca and Witchcraft but don’t know where to start or even if you should start, then I recommend the series of Witchy Workshops run by Tracey Robins. Tracey gives you all the facts, information and practical experience that you need in a wonderfully open and dogma free way. The workshops I attended were fun but hugely informative. Tracey has a knack of getting you to relax and realise that there is no right or wrong just loving intent. Whether you wish to practice or just gain an understanding, I can’t imagine a better guide than Tracey.

Dee A – Salisbury