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Witch Crafting Days

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Witch Crafting Days

Many witch crafting days are run throughout the year. Some of these days are themed around Sabbats, and some are just a gathering of like minded people coming together to work on magickal crafting projects in a friendly group. Customised events can always be planned and arranged for independent groups of 6 – 10 people. Please contact to discuss further.


Imbolc (Midwinter) – Celebrated on or near 2 February.

Imbolc celebrates Life and Birth. The birth of new ideas, inspiration and hope. A time to remove blocks to achieve your full spiritual potential.

Imbolc is a potent time to focus on Purification, Initiation and Dedication.

Ostara (Spring Equinox) – Celebrated on or near 19 – 22 March.

At Ostara, Day and Night are equal length. Ostara celebrates trying to achieve balance in all areas of our lives, darkness vs. light, Ying and Yang, heaven and earth.

Ostara is a potent time to focus on Conception, Regeneration and New Beginnings.

Beltane – Celebrated on or near 1 May.

Beltane celebrates Fire and Fertility. It is at this Sabbat that we are encouraged to burn away the old so that the new may grow.

Beltane offers us the opportunity to have a Baptism by fire, inviting in change. Passion that fuels life. Joy and Fertility.

Midsummer (Summer Solstice – Litha) – Celebrated on or near 19 – 23 June.

Midsummer has the longest Day of the year. It celebrates maturity and strength.

Midsummer is a time for abundance, and having a joyous, wild and passionate time. Midsummer supports Transition and Planning.

Lugnasadh (Lammas – Harvest) – Celebrated on or near 1 August.

Lugnasadh celebrates the day that the first grain is cut, hence its associate to Harvest. Symbolic of middle age.

This Sabbat is the 2nd fire and purification festival. Focusing on the triumphing of wisdom and sacrifice over strength and ego. Lugnasadh supports Gratitude, Abundance and Fruition.

Mabon (Autumn Equinox) – Celebrated on or near 21 – 24 September.

At Mabon, Day and Night are equal. This is a time of thanksgiving, a time to celebrate success.

Mabon supports Giving Thanks and Reflection.

Samhain – Celebrated on or near 1 November.

Samhain celebrates Death and the Afterlife and Wiccan New Year. Samhain supports Honouring the Dead and Cleansing and Releasing.

It is at Samhain that the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, so it is a wonderful time to hone divination skills and psychic abilities.

Yule (Winter Solstice) – Celebrated on or near 21 – 23 December.

Yule has the shortest day and the longest night. At this time we are preparing for the dark and the cold and celebrating the solar seasonal changes.

Yule supports Rebirth and New Beginnings.

Witch-Crafting Days Include:

A Guided Meditation.

A step by step guide with notes as to how to make the included Witch-Crafting projects.

All of the associated products needed for each of the Witch-Crafting projects.

A break for lunch.

A chance to meet other like minded people.

Please see the Events Tab for upcoming events that you can book onto.