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Witchy – Part 1

Witchy Part 1 is the first of 5 parts which starts by exploring the very basics of Wicca and its evolution throughout history. Witchcraft has been practised for centuries and is one of the oldest religions, yet even in these modern times so much mystery still seems to surround its philosophies and practices. These courses explore Wicca, the modern term for Witchcraft in its entirety, starting with the basic major principles and teachings and layering from there. The workshops combine a mixture of talks, meditations and visualizations with the opportunity to touch and experience first-hand many of the tools used in a Wiccan ritual. The workshops also allow the students to work through and practice each section before moving on. Please note that all students wishing to do the in-person training must start with Witchy Part 1 irrespective of how much prior knowledge they already have. Courses must be done in order except when choosing the option of online training where you can pick and choose what modules to study.

The Course

Course Information

The in-person training is currently being run both via Zoom and in person (based in Eccles, Manchester). It consists of five, 2-day workshops (Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) which have been designed to cover the fundamentals of Wicca from the essential basics through to setting up sacred space and preparing for a ritual to Candle Magick, writing spells, Spell Casting and the making of many products that you can use as part of your ritual preparations.

The online modules run in line with the in-person training courses and work from the same manual.  The main difference between the in-person and online training is that obviously with the online training, I am not there with you offering in-depth explanations and examples. What I have done is create movies that will walk you through each module. Module 1 (Witchy Part 1) has 42 movies which cover the entire manual, please note that exercises can morph and change slightly in a live environment depending on attendees and questions asked. 

Table of Contents – Witchy Part 1

Overview of Wicca and its philosophies

Wiccan Rede

The Three-Fold Law – The Rule of Three

13 Wiccan Principles

The Witches Code of Chivalry

Symbols and Terminologies

Branches of Wicca

Traditions of Wicca

Dispelling the cult myth

What is a Pentagram
The number 5
The Elements
Drawing a Pentagram
Inverted Pentagram
The Pentagram as a symbol for other religions

The Elements
Element Recordings
The element of Air
Words symbolising Air
The element of Fire
Words symbolising Fire
The element of Water
Words symbolising Water
The element of Earth
Words symbolising Earth
The element of Spirit
Words Symbolising Spirit

Gods and Goddesses
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Roman Gods and Goddesses
Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Calling in and releasing the Quarters
Play the Recordings: Calling in – The Element of Air etc.
Example of calling in Air and Fire
Example of Calling in Water and Earth
Example of calling in Spirit
Calling in and releasing the Element of Air
Calling in and releasing the Element of Fire
Calling in and releasing the Element of Water
Calling in and releasing the Element of Earth
Calling in and releasing the Element of Spirit

Sabbats & Esbats
Yule – Winter Solstice
Ostara – Spring Equinox
Litha – Summer Solstice
Mabon – Autumn Equinox

Moon Phases
Primary and Intermediate Moon Phases
New Moon or Dark Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon
Last Quarter or Third Quarter
Waning Crescent Moon
Moon Magick
The Lunar Calendars Seasons Moons

Magickal Timing
Sunrise, Midday, Dusk, Night time

Days of the week for spell work
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Star Signs, their Lunar Correspondence & Planetary Rulers

Things to take into account before doing a Ritual

How to put together info gathered so far for a ritual

Tools of the trade

Guided Meditation – Finding a Witchy Past Life

Test your knowledge


Bibliography & Reference Links

Wheel of the year map

All of the Modules offered by the School for Witches, Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been accredited by the (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. 

On completion of all 5 modules, you will be presented with a Certificate in – ‘Wicca Philosophies and Practices for Beginners’.

Students are also welcome to practice what they have learned at the Witchtacula events which will be held twice a year.  Please see the Witchtacula tab for further information.

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In Person Training – £ 50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit. £150 due 21 days prior to course.

By booking your in person place and paying the deposit, you are agreeing to the payment terms and conditions set out here.

Curse Removal and Protection

School for Witches also provides Curse Removal Sessions.  These can be done over skype and are a great way to talk through and ascertain if a curse has been cast.  A removal manual along with all of the tools required are provided as part of this session.  45-minute skype consultation along with manual and products £60.00. Please contact us to arrange a session.

Online Training Courses

School for witches training is now not just limited to in-person training, but can also be accessed as on-line training. Same fantastic content done in the comfort of your own home.

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