Witchy 104

Witchy 104 continues the journey and offers the opportunity to find your magickal name via a guided hypnotic meditation. Names contain so much power and knowing your true magickal name can help you step into and access deeper levels of magickal ability. 104 also focuses on clearing space, protection and dealing with baneful magick. We are happier and healthier when our lives are balanced, and our home environment plays a large part in our emotional and physical well-being.

The Course

Course Information

Clearing our homes of intrusive energy and protecting this type of energy from entering again really helps us to centre, heal and manifest without any obstructions. We will talk about energy management and energy attachments, how to remove these attachments not only from our homes, but from our own individual energetic fields as well.

What’s in a name?
Guided meditation to find your magickal name
The colours of Magick – White magick vs. black magick
Curses, Hexes and Baneful Magick
The ethics of Hexing
Recognising and understanding Curses
Examples of Curses, Hexes and Baneful Magick
Removing and reversing Curses
Reversing a Curse with candle magick
Reversing a Curse with mirrors
Psychic hygiene: Aura and chakra cleanser
Corn Dollies
Taglocks and Magickal Links
Making Dollies and Poppets
Worry Dolls
Magickal Dreaming
Asking for the dreams you want
Herbs for sleeping and dreaming
Dream pillows
How to create an empowering vision board
Removing Intrusive energy and personal protection
Protecting your home

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Curse Removal and Protection

School for Witches also provides Curse Removal Sessions.  These can be done over skype and are a great way to talk through and ascertain if a curse has been cast.  A removal manual along with all of the tools required are provided as part of this session.  45-minute skype consultation along with manual and products £60.00. Please contact us to arrange a session.

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