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Talking & Development Group

School for Witches / Wiccan Ways  / Talking & Development Group

Talking & Development Group

The Witchy Talking and Development Group focuses in detail on many of the topics covered in the Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 training manuals. This group includes practical crafting exercises along with talking through Wicca’s philosophies and magickal workings and some psychic exercises.

Are you interested in increasing your Wiccan Knowledge and abilities?

Are you a Solitary Witch looking for a group of like minded people to work with?

Do you want to learn how to put all of your knowledge into practical applications?

Do you want to channel your Wiccan knowledge into making wonderful witchy practical products and magickal items?

Would you like to sharpen and hone your skills?

A broad range of topics are covered, ranging from:




Divination Techniques

Moon Phases

Sabbats and Esbats

Witch-Crafting exercises

Tea Leaf Reading

Using a Pendulum and much more

  • Run via Zoom.
  • Linked to a wonderful membership site.
  • You can access all past course content whenever you like and as many times as you like.
  • A PayPal account is needed to sign up to the membership site.
  • £15 will automatically be deducted from your nominated account once a month on an ongoing basis until terminated by you.
  • One 2 hour session per month. All sessions run from 1930-2130.
  • A What’s App group will be set up for each Development group so that students can communicate and share information.
  • Most sessions will include group participation, and pairs work.
  • Some sessions are all about members just talking and sharing their experiences with no planned content.
  • This is a great forum to meet up with like minded people and to talk through experiences relating to Wiccan and Witchcraft matters.
  • To make new friends and kindred spirit’s.
  • Each group is kept to between 10-20 members so that they are manageable and everyone gets a chance to talk.

If you fancy coming along to the Witchy Talking and Development Group and would like to be added to the waiting list for the next group to start, please reach out via the Contact tab on the menu bar on the front page. Please note that trance work techniques are involved and different contra indicators may preclude certain individuals from attending this training. Therefore. all new members will need to complete a questionnaire before commencing. I look forward to meeting with you.