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Candle Magick Events

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Candle Magick Events

Candle Magick Events are run from my therapy room. All products and tools are supplied along with all of the information needed to start exploring the power of candle magick. £35 per person. A minimum of 6 people is required.

What is Candle Magick?

Candle magick is one of the least complicated forms of magick that you can do. 

There are many advantages of using candle magick, it’s simple, it’s cheap, it can be quick to set up and enact and it’s effective.

Candle Magick offers several different magickal modalities within each candle.

Candle magick harnesses the power of the colour of the candle, the scent of the candle, and the candle’s shape, size and composition.

Candle Magick works with an individual’s will, purpose, intent, desire, and ethical and moral range.

All of the Elements are represented in each candle.

  • AIR – The smoke created from the flame.
  • FIRE – The flame itself and the heat it produces.
  • WATER – As the candle melts, the melting wax represents transmutation from a solid to a liquid.
  • EARTH – An unlit candle particularly the wick and base of the candle (whole, pure and hopeful).
  • SPIRIT – The flame itself lighting the way ahead, represents transmutation as it creates light.

What is covered at this event?

A Candle Magick event is a whole day of working with candles in a magickal way.

All of the tools and candles needed for you to perform candle magick will be provided to you on the day.

Start by learning how to set up a taper candle to work a simple candle ritual.

The steps include, Cleansing the candle, Anointing the candle, Dressing the candle and Wrapping the candle.