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School for Witches / Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression sml

Past Life Regression


Zoom invite will be sent on the day of the workshop.
Copy of presentation can be supplied post session.


Tutor led – 2 hour workshop run via Zoom.

Have you often wondered if you have had past lives?

Perhaps you would like to book a session, but would like to know a little more about what is involved before you do.

Come along and join in the fun of this 2-hour workshop that explores the concept of past lives.

This workshop will explore the pioneers in this field and the incredible way that a Past Life Regression session can help you to unlock the events of past lives that reside within each of us.

As the soul returns to life over and over it can relive traumatic memories in our current lives’, manifesting in issues such as a chronic sore throat deriving from a hanging or choking, or back or knee pain could be telling a story from a past life accident – keeping us from living a peaceful life. Often, these issues are brought to our conscious awareness by anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Regression can be a wonderful journey, unlocking many mysteries about ourselves.

This workshop offers valuable insight into the history of regression along with a glimpse into what is included as part of a Past Life Regression session.

A copy of the presentation can be supplied upon request post session, and a zoom invite will be sent the day of the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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