Essential, Ritual & Conjure Oils


Comprised of Movies and PDF notes



The information that is used for this course is taken from the Witchy 103 training manual.
If you have completed Witchy 103 then you would have already covered the information in this course.
In saying that, please note that the information in this short course is only a small part of the complete Witchy 103 training.

This course offers:
  • 8 Movies
  • 1 hours and 47 minutes of content

How Essential & Conjure oils are used in Wicca & Witchcraft. Exploring many different types of oils used in Wicca from Essential, Ritual, Conjure, Carrier, Chakra and Planetary oils.

This course comprises of eight modules which delve into the various roles that oils play in working magick, and in creating health and vitality in our everyday lives. This course explores how oils are used by looking at the qualities and attributes of Ritual Oils, Conjure Oils, Essential Oils, Chakra Oils, Planetary Oils and Carrier Oils.

It looks at the process in making essential oils and their aromatic note layers along with the aroma families that oils belong to.  You will also have the opportunity to explore what the many and varied uses are of essential oils and the methods to the uses.

Packed full of useful information, hopefully this course will inspire you to start using essential oils in a way that you haven’t in the past.