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School for Witches / Spell Casting, Bags & Boards
Spell Casting SFW

Spell Casting, Bags & Boards


Comprised of Movies and PDF notes



The information that is used for this course is taken from the Witchy Part 3 training manual. If you have completed Witchy Part 3 then you would have already covered the information in this course. In saying that, please note that the information in this short course is only a small part of the complete Witchy Part 3 training.


This course offers:
  • 7 Movies
  • 2 hours and 5 minutes of content


This course comprises of six modules which delve into the various roles that spell bags, spell casting and spell boards play in working magick. Spell bags are a type of talisman and are a very versatile and practical way of creating magick that is transportable and can be taken with you and carried on your person. Spell bags generally employ the use of simple “container spells”. A container spell is a spell whose contents are held together and bound in/by some form of container, usually a jar or a bag.


This course not only explores spell bags, but also looks at what is involved in the act of Spell Casting.  This includes how to write a spell, what to consider when planning and writing a spell and shows several examples of the many different and varying types of Spells. The 3rd and final component to this course is the art of board making, that is manifesting that which is desired whether that be Dreams, Visions, Spells or personal Affirmations. All of these help with the creative process of working magickally.