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School for Witches / Numerology
Numerology SFW



Comprised of Movies and PDF notes



The information that is used for this course is taken from the Witchy Part 3 training manual. If you have completed Witchy Part 3 then you would have already covered the information in this course. In saying that, please note that the information in this short course is only a small part of the complete Witchy Part 3 training.


This course offers:
  • 6 Movies
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes of content

This course comprises of six modules which delve into the energy of numbers and how Numerology can be used in magick. We can work with energy in so many different ways. Ritual is all about the application of magick which is energy that is raised and channeled and directed out into the universe. Another great way to work with energy is using numerology, your natural energetic state derived both your birth date and full name at birth. These numbers possess potent and powerful energy which can help to unlock who you are.  There are four main numbers used in numerology to represent a person as a whole being. These numbers work together to build your Numerological Chart. They include:


Your Life Path Number: Represents 40% of your makeup
Your Expression Number: Represents 30% of your makeup
Your Soul Urge Number: Represents 20% of your makeup
Your Day of Birth: Represents 10% of your make up


You will have the opportunity though out these modules to not only ascertain your own Numerological Chart numbers, but to perhaps better understand how you may work, your strengths and weaknesses. It may highlight areas within your life that need work, and also show you qualities and attributes that you possess that may have down played or overlooked. Numerology is just another layer that can be added to or included in any of your magickal workings.