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Witchy Part 2 – Online Course


Witchy Part 2 - Wicca for Beginners - Online Course

This package includes the full face to face training for Witchy Part 2 - Wicca for Beginners. This is the second part of 5 modules that make up the complete course. Witchy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Included is a Colour manual and a PDF Link List sheet with all of the links to the associated meditations and movies.


What these courses cover
The online modules run in line with the in-person training courses.

The course manual is the same, however exercises can morph and change slightly in a live environment depending on attendees and questions asked.

Each module contains a colour manual along with any appropriate videos, recordings, meditations and music content.

Movies are included with each module, along with a detailed index and biography so that you can source further reading material.

Note: Not every part of the manual will be covered by a movie, you will be required to do some reading that is unaccompanied by a movie.



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