Protection is Comprised of Movies and PDF notes



The information that is used for this course is taken from the Witchy 103 training manual.
If you have completed Witchy 103 then you would have already covered the information in this course.
In saying that, please note that the information in this short course is only a small part of the complete Witchy 102 training.

This course offers:
  • 12 Movies
  • 2 hours and 8 minutes of content

This course will give students a better understanding of all that is involved with establishing and maintaining protection, from removing negative energy to protecting your self and your home. This course starts by exploring Intrusive Energy, what it is and how it can affect us as may people come into contact with energies that may influence and affect their energy system in negative or unhelpful ways. With this in mind, you will have the opportunity to study some wonderful easy techniques that can be used to remove Intrusive Energies from both people and places. You can create these for yourself with minimal fuss and cost, trying mostly to use product that you may already have available to you in your home.

Protection is so important. This still seems to be an area that people are not paying enough attention to. You will have the opportunity to reevaluate your protection, learn a wonderful ‘Aura Strengthening’ technique and have the wonderful chance to explore four different forms of protection through guided meditation. You will then be able to ascertain what you will include in your protection regime going forward, with the understanding that the more time and effort you attribute to your own protection, the better you will feel, and the healthier and more well balanced your energy will be.

This course further offers you the opportunity to create your own protective trinket or charm, something that you may choose to wear or keep close to offer an external layer of energetic protection. This is followed by a deep dive into how to go about protecting your space, and what I lovingly call Intruder Excluders. Intruder Excluders are items that we set up to repel unwanted or uninvited people from seeing, locating or damaging our home.