Crystal 1


Zoom invite will be sent on the day of the workshop.
Copy of presentation can be supplied post session.


Tutor led – 2 hour workshop run via Zoom.

Crystal 1 is an informative introduction to why crystal healing works and how effective it can be.

This workshop focuses attention on three powerful crystals; Shungite, Rough Emerald and Appophyllite.

It  explores how using a crystal prescription in this way can support the base, heart and crown chakra.  By doing so we can bring our whole chakra system into alignment and therefore find additional balance in our lives.

This is the first of the Crystal workshops that have been set up to offer wonderful bit sized chunks of information introducing you to how crystals work, their properties and attributes along with how they can be used and incorporated into our day to day lives.

A copy of the presentation can be supplied upon request post session, and a zoom invite will be sent on the day of the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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