101 – Online Part 1 – COMING SOON


Module cost £55 per part. (3 parts per module.  Witchy 101 = Part 1, 2 & 3)




Witchy 101 – Wicca for Beginners – Online (Witchy 101 – Part 1)


This is the first part of the 3 part training for Witchy 101.  Witchy 101 – Part 1 includes: 


Welcome to Witchy 101

Overview of Wicca and its philosophies

Wiccan Rede

The Three-Fold Law

13 Wiccan Principles

The Witches Code of Chivalry



Branches of Wicca

Traditions of Wicca

Dispelling the cult myth

What is a Pentagram

The number 5

The Elements

Protecting against evil

Drawing a Pentagram

Inverted Pentagram

The Pentagram as a symbol for other religions

Sabbats & Esbats

Yule – Winter Solstice


Ostara – Spring Equinox


Litha – Summer Solstice


Mabon – Autumn Equinox


A Witchy Disclaimer to promote safe magickal workings


Wheel of the year map


What these courses cover

The online modules run in line with the in person training courses.

The course manual is the same, however exercises can morph and change slightly in a live environment depending on attendees and questions asked.

Each module contains a colour manual along with any appropriate videos, recordings, meditations and music content as shown in manual index.

Recorded instructions are included with each module, along with a detailed index and biography so that you can source further reading material.

The in person training has been running for 5 years now with the online courses launched in August 2019.



















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