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Witchy 101 – Part 1 (Online Training)


Witchy 101 – Part 1.
Individually costs £45, as part of Complete Witchy 101 reduces to £35.


Wicca for Beginners
Online Training

Witchy 101 – Part 1
• Philosophies & Terminologies
• The Wiccan Rede, Principles & Code of Chivalry
• The Three-Fold Law
• Different Branches of Wicca
• Wiccan Symbols and Talismans
• The History of the Pentagram
• Sabbats & Esbats

What these courses cover
These courses are run in a very similar way to the full two day courses that require physical attendance.  The full 2 days of information has been split over 3 Parts.

The cost is £45 per Part if bought individually, or £35 per Part if bought as an entire module.


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